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5+ Get Free Praying Hands Emoji [Download]

The praying hand emoji or prayer emoji is a popular emoji in which depicts prayer in many cultures. It is portrayed by two hands joined together, which could signify respect, prayer or good wishes.

This emoji is found in many popular mobile platforms such as Samsung, Google,  Microsoft, etc. and on social media applications such as Whatsapp and Facebook. This emoji can be customized and chosen according to the skin tone, that is light, wheatish or dark brown.

Praying Hands Emoji

Although the folded hands are most commonly used to express prayer or faith in many cultures such as Japanese and Indian, it can be interpreted in different ways according to the circumstances and prevailing culture in society. Some of the common gestures it can be interpreted as are namaste (in Hindu culture), high five, please, thank you, etc.

Today almost all the people use some social media application or the other, and in the USA alone, there are 230 million social media users. 

Praying Hands Emoji Copy and Paste

Today you there are many online sites providing fun and creative versions of an emoji available for download. These emojis can make your conversations with your friends and family interesting and more expressive.

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So through this article, we have tried to cover all versions of praying hand emoji which you can copy and paste and use in your chats. This Praying Hand emoji available here is in HD quality and has halo-like effect at the back of the hand.

Praying Hands Emoji Meaning

The prayer hand emoji can be interpreted in many ways, which might create confusion during some conversations. For instance, in Indian culture, folded hands depict Namaste which is a tradition of greeting our elders followed since time immemorial. In other cultures, it can be used to signify gratitude, humbleness, thanking someone, etc.

So if you want to express your gratitude or respect to someone through your textual conversations, here we have provided you with attractive designs of the prayer emoji. You can download them and use them in any social media platform to personalize your conversation.

Praying Hands Meaning

The praying hand or folded hands emoji is of important significance in many cultures. In the common context, it is used to denote thank you or gratefulness. Although it is also used to depict faith or respect. But due to the various contexts, it can be interpreted to, sometimes the meaning can get distorted and lead to confusion. For instance, in some context, this emoji can have a negative meaning and signify displeasure towards the receiver. 

Praying Hands Emoji Code

Praying hands emoji code was first introduced as a part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and now it is a part of Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

Whether you want to express thanks or show respect towards someone, a folded hands emoji is the best way to do so. So here we are presenting you with the downloadable version of the prayer hand emoji available in fresh designs.

Praying Hands Emoji Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform and a great platform for connecting with people. The praying hand emoji version for Facebook is slightly different, with a 3D effect and pale yellow skin tone.

praying hands emoji

So if you like the Facebook prayer hand emoji and want to use it in some other platform, it is possible by downloading it from here. So you just need to click on the download button below and get your Facebook Praying Hands Emoji in HD quality.

Namaste Emoji

Namaste is an important part of Indian tradition, which signifies respect towards our elders. So the folded hands emoji can also be used to signify namaste or respect towards someone.

Namaste Emoji

Here we have provided you with the HD quality image of Namaste emoji which can be downloaded for free.

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